How to Access The Activity Map

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The Activity Map allows you to visualize how, from where, and how often customers interact with your brand. This snapshot not only allows you to understand your customers, but also allows you to understand all of the data that is pulled into Klaviyo at any given moment that you can use to personalize your content, understand your business, and grow your brand.

Access the Activity Map

From the Analytics Tab

There are a few ways to see the data coming into your account through the Activity Map. One way to view your Activity Map is to navigate to the Analytics tab and click into Metrics.


Next, find the metric you want to investigate and select the globe icon.


From there, you can toggle between different metrics and adjust the timeframe. Additionally, you have the option to toggle to fullscreen and dark mode.


When you select a particular event, you will see more information when clicking on one of the circles. The corresponding information refers to the last customer who triggered an event in that location.


For Campaigns and Flows

You can also access your Activity Map from your campaigns and flows that have been sent. For your sent campaigns, select the email that you're interested in, and click Watch Live.


Likewise, in flows, select the email you want to observe, choose View all Analytics, and click Watch Live.


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