How to add an attachment to an email

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Learn how to share a link to a PDF or Word Doc with your recipients, which is the preferred method to deliver files via marketing emails while maintaining your deliverability. Klaviyo, like most email service providers, doesn’t support adding attachments to campaign or flow emails. This is to prevent triggering spam filters, decrease email load time, and protect the security of recipients.

Host your file

You can host a PDF, Word doc, etc. on your website. Another option is to host your file elsewhere online, like Google Drive or Dropbox. In this example, we’ll use Google Drive.

An example file in Google Docs

Get the link to your file

Once your content is hosted, you’ll be able to generate a link to it. For Google Drive, right click and select “Get shareable link.”

A Google file's sharing privileges
If you're using a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, make sure you have the correct sharing permissions enabled on your file. We recommend hosting these files publicly to ensure that all your recipients will be able to access it.

Insert the link in your email

You can insert the link to your file just as you would any other link. We recommend using a call-to-action like a button, but you can also hyperlink text, include the entire link, or link to an image.

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