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This article will walk you through integrating Zendesk with Klaviyo. After you enable Klaviyo's Zendesk integration, you'll be able to track and target customers based on their interactions with your Support team.

From Zendesk, Klaviyo can automatically import information about support requests/tickets as well as any customer notes and extra information you have stored in Zendesk.

Obtain your Zendesk API Token

Zendesk will only show you your full API token once (when you generate it) for security reasons. If you've previously created an API token with Zendesk and stored it securely, you can copy it from that location and skip to the next section. If you've never generated an API token with Zendesk, or need to generate a new one, follow the instructions below.

First, you'll need to make sure Token Access is enabled. In your Zendesk account, click the Admin icon on the sidebar and navigate to Channels > API. Then, click the Token Access toggle to enable API token access.

Next, you'll generate an API token. In Channels > API, click the button next to Active API Tokens. Enter a name for the token and click Create, which will generate the token and display it in a popup. mceclip0.png

Then, copy your token (which will be a long string of letters and numbers) and save it in a secure place for your use. Once you're done, you can exit the popup by clicking the OK, I've copied my token button. 

Enable the Zendesk Integration in Klaviyo

Click on the Integrations tab in the left sidebar of your account.

Navigate to the All Integrations tab and find Zendesk on the list of available integrations. All integrations are in alphabetical order. Click Add Integration.

To connect Zendesk, you will need to enter the following:

  • Your email address
  • Your Zendesk API Token
  • Your Zendesk URL

Note that your Zendesk URL should be formatted like one of the following (depending on whether your site uses HTTP or HTTPS):

  • http://accountname.zendesk.commceclip0.png

Once you've pasted in all required information, click Connect to Zendesk. Data will start syncing from Zendesk to Klaviyo within a minute or two. 

After the initial integration sync, the Zendesk integration will sync data to Klaviyo once every hour. 

Monitor the Zendesk Sync 

To check your enabled integration, navigate to the Analytics tab in your Klaviyo account.

Find Zendesk's Opened Ticket metric (you can filter metrics by "Zendesk" in the dropdown) and click on the Activity Feed icon.mceclip2.png

If your integration has begun syncing data, you will start to see tickets opened through Zendesk populate here. Once the Zendesk integration has a green border next to it in your Klaviyo account's Integrations tab, your integration is fully synced.

The Zendesk Metricsmceclip1.png

Opened Ticket

This event is tracked when a new ticket is opened in Zendesk. The event Klaviyo tracks will include the content of the email, the email recipient, the subject of the email, and the URL to that email in Zendesk.


Resolved Ticket

This event is tracked when a ticket is marked as Solved in Zendesk. Zendesk marks a ticket as "solved" once the conversation around the issue has terminated, and there is no more follow-up. Tickets can be marked "solved" by agents. Tickets marked as solved, then responded to by an end-user will be reset to an open status. 

The event Klaviyo tracks will include the content of the email, the email recipient, the subject of the email, and the URL to that email in Zendesk. 

Best Practices

Here are a few ways you might consider using the Klaviyo / Zendesk integration:

  • Exclude users with open tickets from certain flows and campaigns, so your company doesn't risk seeming out of touch by sending promotional emails to those with pending issues
  • Using your Zendesk data, you can proactively track customers in Klaviyo based on their interactions with your support team; for example, customize an abandoned cart email if you know someone didn't complete their order but opened a support ticket
  • Klaviyo provides detailed analytics reporting around the metrics you sync with Zendesk, so you can view trends around open / resolved tickets, including a cohort analysis
  • Tweak your email strategy to reduce support tickets and increase lifetime value; with all your data in Klaviyo, you can build segments to gain cross-metric insights and look at correlations
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