How to Set Up Flows to Respond to Subscribe Keywords

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In Klaviyo, any SMS that a customer sends can be used to trigger a metric-triggered flow. This makes it simple to run polls and surveys via SMS, sending automated responses or updating profile properties for those who text their answer. It is also helpful for catching misspellings of keywords (e.g., if someone texts "SOTP" instead of "STOP"). In addition, you can include multiple words or numbers to trigger the same flow.

The word can appear anywhere in the message. If a subscriber uses multiple words that trigger different flows in a single text, only the first matched one will be used to trigger a flow.

This article runs through how to use the Sent SMS metric to trigger a flow.

Use Sent SMS for a Metric-Triggered Flow

Before setting up flows using the Sent SMS metric, turn off the "Unrecognized Keyword" autoresponder. This can be found by navigating to Account > Settings > SMS.

When creating the flow, click Metric as your flow type. Then select Sent SMS as the trigger.


Use a trigger filter to add those who include a certain word or words in the message subject or body, sent from or to a certain number, or a value. Note that if you use Message Body, you must account for different spellings and capitalizations or the flow won't pick it up, as it's case-sensitive and text must match exactly. Here, we use three trigger filters for Message Body contains Cats, CATS, OR cat. 


After setting up the filter, add in the SMS messages you want the flow to send as well as any time delays. You can also drag in an update profile property action to any flow path to edit or add a new profile property for subscribers who text back. In the example below, the flow is triggered when someone sends an SMS and the message body contains CAT, Cat, or cat. In addition, a new profile property (Cat-lover) will be added to anyone who enters the flow.


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