Include Ratings Links or NPS Surveys in an Email

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Klaviyo does not currently support including form elements inside an email, but it is possible to include links in your email to collect information from users and then send that information back to Klaviyo as a custom property. A common use case for this is including rating links in an email or an NPS Survey.

Configure Your Email Template to Collect User Ratings

Within your email template, drag in a header /link block and add a button for each rating that a user can select. In this example, we will create a 1-10 scoring system and will thus need a button for each value.

Each button should use the following tag:

{% update_property_link 'profile_property' 'property_value' 'redirect_link' %}
  • profile_property
    This will be in the name of the custom property that will be recorded on someone's profile. In this example, we'll use 'NPS Rating.'
  • property_value
    This corresponds to the actual value that is recorded for the custom property. We will have a property value of 1 through 10 for each button.
  • redirect_link
    This is the URL that someone will be taken to after they select a value. If you use a third-party NPS service that you would like to pass this data to, you can include this as the redirect link. If not, you can simply take recipients to a page that thanks them for submitting their feedback.

Once a recipient clicks on a button, they will be brought to the URL that you specify as a redirect URL and the value will automatically be added to their profile as a custom property. Please note that if someone responds to multiple NPS survey emails that use the same profile_property, the new value they input will overwrite their previous response. 

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