How to change your account email and password

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Learn how to change the email address and password for your account.

Note that this article only applies to those who are able to log in. Check out our article on resetting a password if you don't currently remember it and can't log in.  

Change your email or password

  1. Click your organization name in the bottom left.
  2. Select Account & billing.
  3. Select Contact Information > Personal.
    Personal contact information page in Klaviyo
  4. Follow the steps depending of if you want to change your email or password.
    • Email
      1. Fill in the box labeled New Email with the updated email address.
      2. Check that this information is correct.
      3. Click Update Email.

    • Password
      1. Fill in the boxes below New Password and Current Password by typing in your new and current password.
      2. Check to make sure all information is accurate.
      3. Click Change Password.

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