Guide to the Setup Wizard



The Setup Wizard has multiple tabs that walk you through setting up your Klaviyo account. This guide gives a brief overview of each tab. The Welcome tab and the Organization Info tab are both required to complete the Setup Wizard.

Welcome Tab (*required)


On the Welcome tab enter your website and select your business type.


Entering a website and selecting a business type are required to move on to the next tab.

Cart/Platform Tab


If you select Ecommerce or Non Profit as your business type, you are taken to the Cart/Platform tab. Select your platform from the dropdown and follow the integration instructions.


Integrating usually involves entering an API username and an API key. You can view more information on our ecommerce integrations and on all our other integrations as needed.

Email Lists


On the Email Lists tab you can select your current email platform. This information will help when you import your lists later.

Logos, Colors, & Fonts Tab


The Logos, Colors & Fonts tab allows you to customize your fonts, colors, web links, and social links so the emails you send from Klaviyo match the look and feel of your current brand.

Organization Info Tab (*required)


On the Organization Info tab enter the address of your organization.


Entering an address on the Organization Info tab is required to complete the Setup Wizard.

Web Tracking

Some integrations require adding web tracking code snippets to your site. These code snippets include an ID unique to your Klaviyo account. You can access these code snippets with your Klaviyo API Key / Site ID prepopulated by navigating to the web-tracking page of the Setup Wizard.


Getting Back to the Setup Wizard

If you need to return to the Setup Wizard you can access it from the Account dropdown menu. 



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