How to Change Your Default Brand Styles in Klaviyo

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When your Klaviyo account was created, the account owner selected default colors, fonts, and styles that align with your branding while going through the Setup Wizard. These styles are used in your Klaviyo templates, campaigns, and flow emails. If you plan to change your company branding, follow the steps below to update your brand styles in Klaviyo. 

Existing templates will not be impacted by changes in the brand library. Update your existing templates and any live flows or upcoming campaigns with your new brand styles, in addition to following the steps below. 

Change Your Brand Styles

To change your brand styles, navigate to Brand Library > Brand. Here, you can upload a logo, edit your brand colors, and select a default font. 


Next, click Header Links and update any links as needed. These links will populate into any new Header/Link Bar blocks you use. Then, navigate to Social Icons and update any social media links that have changed in your rebrand. 


Once you’ve updated the brand styles, header links, and social icons in your Brand Library, click Update Brand to save your changes. Once your updates are saved, any new basic templates or flow emails (created after the changes were applied) will use these styles. 

How Brand Styles Are Used

Your brand colors, font, and social links are used in two types of emails: 

  • Basic email templates, found under Email Templates > Create Template > Basic or My Templates
  • Default flow emails, found in Flows > Create Flow

In addition, Header/Link Bar blocks pre-populate with the information provided in the Header Links section. 

If you add a custom font in the Fonts tab, it will be available in font dropdowns in the signup form builder and the new template editor. Learn how to add a custom font in Klaviyo’s classic template editor.

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