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Learn how to use saved content to reuse specific blocks or sections within a template. For example, if you have a header or a footer that you use in all your email templates, you can save it to avoid recreating it from scratch in every new email.

Content saved in the new editor cannot be used in the classic editor, and content saved in the classic editor cannot currently be used in the new editor. 

Save a Block for Reuse

When you hover over or click a block within an email template, you will see a star icon. Once you have a block formatted the way you would like it, you can click the star icon to save it.


Save a Section for Reuse

This feature is available in Klaviyo’s new template editor, which is currently available in the Email Templates tab by clicking Create Template > Use New Editor.

When you hover over or click a section within an email template, you’ll see a star icon. To make sure you’re selecting a section (rather than a block within the section), click to the right or left of the section’s content. Once you’re ready to save a section, click its star icon. 


Name Saved Content

When you click the star icon, you will be prompted to name your saved block. Name it something that will allow you to find it easily, like "Header" or "Footer."

Access Saved Blocks in the Classic Editor

To use a saved block in the Classic Editor, drag the Saved Block icon into your template.


Then, you’ll be prompted to choose a saved block from the dropdown.


Once you’ve chosen the block you would like to reuse, click Insert Block to add it to a template.

Any content saved in the new editor will not be available for use in the Classic Editor. 

Access Saved Content in the New Editor

To access a saved block or section, open the Content tab and click Saved


Then, you’ll be prompted to choose a saved block. Only saved content that was built in the new editor will be available to choose from. Search by the saved content’s name or scroll through all your saved content to choose one.

Once you find the block you would like to reuse, drag it into your template. 


Manage Saved Content

You can manage saved blocks by navigating to Email Templates > View Saved Blocks. From here, you can view an inventory of any saved blocks from the Classic Editor, as well as delete them.

You cannot edit saved content outside of the email template editor. However, once you add a block or section to an email template, you can edit it and save it as a new block or section. Saved content isn’t linked to individual templates, so if you delete a saved block or section it will not impact any of the templates you’ve previously used it in.

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