Understanding how shared billing works in Klaviyo

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Learn how to request potential shared billing options, how the shared billing process works in Klaviyo, and about the differences between parent and child accounts.

  • Shared billing — Functionality to group together companies so that they can potentially share billing details and message sends
  • Account family — All accounts that are linked together for shared billing
  • Parent account — Main account that contains the billing details and plan information for an account family
  • Child account — An account that is linked to a parent account in an account family

Before you begin

You must request to be on a shared billing plan. It is not guaranteed, and instead is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Reach out to Klaviyo Support if you’d like to request shared billing.

Note that shared plans are limited to 20 accounts (in total). There can be one parent account and 19 children accounts.

How shared billing works

When you’re on a shared billing plan, every account uses that one plan for their email and SMS and shares this allotment. You’ll have a total number of profiles/sends per month. Each time a campaign or flow message sends, it will be subtracted from this total.

For instance, if you send an email campaign to 1,000 people on a child account, that counts toward your sends for every other parent and child account.

Access in parent vs. child accounts

Every account in the account family will have access to the total plan usage.

In the parent account, you’ll be able to access everything you normally would in a Klaviyo account. You can change plans, view the individual usage of every child account, and update the billing information.

Access in child accounts is more limited, since they are the billing process. In most cases, you will not have access to certain billing pages or features, marked by the red X in the table below.

Comparison of access in parent and child accounts
  Parent account Child account
Total account usage  ✅ 
Usage for an individual child account ✅ 
Usage for all individual accounts ✅ 
Changes to billing details (card, address, etc.) ✅ 
Billing preferences page ✅ 
Email and SMS plan lists ✅ 
Klaviyo checkout page ✅ 
Partial cancellation ✅ 

How to change access for child accounts

A parent account can adjust these default settings and allow a child account to:

  • See the usage for all child accounts in the account family
  • Change certain billing details

These are turned off by default. If you want to enable them, you must:

  1. Log into the parent account as an owner or admin
  2. Navigate to Account > Billing
  3. Choose Billing Preferences
  4. Toggle on one or both of the following options:
    1. Allow users in all accounts to view plan usage for each account in the family
    2. Allow users in all accounts to view billing information and modify plans

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