How to allow subscribers to opt out of Mother's Day or Father's Day messages

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Learn how to offer your subscribers the option to opt out of emails and SMS related to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, as well as how to exclude those who opt out of those messages. These holidays can be a sensitive time of year for some members of your community, so allowing subscribers the option to opt out can be a way to build trust and provider a better customer experience. 

Create a template with an opt-out button

You can offer your subscribers the option to opt out of Mother’s or Father’s Day emails by sending a campaign with an update property link

When using the code snippets provided below, make sure to use straight quotes (') rather than curly quotes (‘) to ensure the code renders correctly. This can be achieved by copying the code below and pasting it directly into your template using the "Paste as Plain Text" function (Ctrl+Shift+V or Cmd+Shift+V). 

  1. Navigate to Templates > Create a Template, then follow the prompts to create a new email template. 
  2. Add a button block to your template. 
  3. In the URL field of the button block, paste one of the following code snippets:
    For Mother’s Day: {% update_property_link 'mothers_day_opt_out' 'True' 'REDIRECT_LINK' %}
    For Father’s Day: {% update_property_link 'fathers_day_opt_out' 'True' 'REDIRECT_LINK' %} 
    A Klaviyo email template with a Father's day opt out button
  4. Replace REDIRECT_LINK in the pasted code with a link to a confirmation page built on your website. 
  5. Fill in the button text. Use a call-to-action that aligns with your branding and clearly indicates that clicking the button will opt you out of Mother’s or Father’s Day messaging. 

Update property links work throughout the template editor, not just in button blocks. If your design requires it, you can use the update property link code in any URL field, or to hyperlink text in a text block. 

Once you’ve added your opt-out button, finish designing your campaign so it’s ready to send. 

Test the functionality and send a campaign

To make sure your button works, test the functionality by sending it to yourself. Follow the instructions below to send a live email with a functioning button. Do not send a preview email to yourself, as the update property URL in the preview message uses a placeholder link. 

  1. Navigate to your profile in Klaviyo by searching for your own email address
  2. Click Messages in the upper-right corner of your profile 
  3. Click Send Email from the Messages tab
  4. Click Schedule, then follow the prompts and select the template you built in the last step, setting it to send right away 
  5. Once you receive the message in your inbox, click the opt out link
  6. Navigate back to your profile like you did in step 1
  7. In the Custom Properties section, locate the property mothers_day_opt_out: True or fathers_day_opt_out: True 

If you see the property in your own profile, you can be certain that the button works as intended. Send the campaign to your audience to collect their preferences around Mother’s or Father’s Day messages. 

Create a segment and exclude it from holiday sends

After sending the opt-out campaign to your subscribers, create a segment to identify those who do not wish to receive Mother’s or Father’s Day marketing. Use the following segment definition: 

Properties about someone > mothers_day_opt_out is True


This segment will continue to update as additional subscribers share their preferences. When you’re ready to send Mother’s Day or Father’s Day messages, select this segment under Recipients in the Don’t send to field. 


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