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Learn about toll-free number verification, including what it means to be verified and how this works in Klaviyo.

Verified vs. unverified


A business can have one verified toll-free number associated with their brand. 

To be verified, a toll-free number must undergo an application process to be approved by wireless carriers. If approved:

  • The number will associate to that specific brand or business
  • A “verified” tag will add to the number

We don't recommend sending if your number hasn't been verified. During the verification process, start collecting SMS consent from your customers. You can also set up your flows, although we suggest waiting to turn them live until your number is verified.  


Verification is not allowlisting. For email, allowlisting means that any messages from an approved sender will never be sent to spam. However, there’s no allowlisting for SMS. 

Even if a toll-free number is verified, messages from this number may still be blocked by individual carriers. However, as long as your Klaviyo account information is up to date and accurate and you are following best practices, we can work with carriers to unblock your messages.


Unverified numbers are any number that:

  • Is currently going through the verification process
  • Was rejected for verification

Not all organizations qualify for toll-free verification, or can send with Klaviyo. For instance, if your business model falls under any of the prohibited content categories, you will not be able to send using Klaviyo. If your business requires age-gating, we may be able to accommodate you in the future but can't currently.

Your website must be live in order for your toll-free number to be verified.

Can I send with an unverified toll-free number? 

As of October 1, 2022, wireless carriers enacted new rules to prevent unverified toll-free numbers from sending on their networks.

If a number has been rejected for verification, it will not be able to send any messages

Numbers that have been submitted for verification can send a set number of messages while they are in the "verifying" state, although Klaviyo does not recommend it. 

  • Daily limit: 2,000 messages
  • Weekly limit: 12,000 messages
  • Monthly limit: 25,000 messages

Verification with Klaviyo

Toll-free numbers are submitted for verification automatically in Klaviyo as long as the business associated with the number is compliant for SMS. There’s no action required on your end to start this process. 

Verification takes around 7–10 days to complete. 

Please note that your website must be live in order to be approved for verification. A key part of verification is checking that the business is active and not a scam. If you haven't already, make sure to set your website live. 

What to do when your number awaits verification

While your number awaits verification, do not send from the unverified number. Instead, we recommend getting your account ready so that you can hit the ground running: 

Note that while you can start collecting SMS consent, you should not turn your flows live until your number is verified. 

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