Understanding how Klaviyo uses your data to generate benchmarks

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Klaviyo’s benchmarking tool compares your company’s performance across different areas of your marketing, to that of your peers and industry. As part of our benchmark services, we collect and analyze aggregated data of our customers. In this article, you will learn more about what that entails for your business.

How Klaviyo uses your data

As mentioned above, Klaviyo collects and analyzes aggregate customer data to generate benchmarks.

For example, your open rate data may be aggregated and used to provide peer benchmarks for other companies to compare their own rates for flows and campaigns. Data used is aggregated and does not identify any particular Klaviyo customer or data subject. Other companies will not be able to see what brands are a part of their peer group or industry. All they will see is the information within benchmarks derives from businesses similar to their own.

We aggregate data for all of our customers and use this to provide benchmarking, content, and trends to our customers and the broader ecommerce community. Your personal information is private and will not be shared. We do not sell any of this data and never reference any customers when using aggregated data or present it in such a way that it could be tied back to a customer. When you create an account and agree to the Klaviyo Terms of Service, you agree to allow us to aggregate and use your data in this way.

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