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You can see the history of any Klaviyo-generated coupon codes. In addition, you can see what code a certain customer used in their individual profile. You can then export this history to see how many codes for a coupon are active or expired.

You can only view changes that occurred after August 26, 2020. Details about the coupon before that date weren’t logged and thus can’t be viewed. Moreover, you cannot view the history for uploaded coupon codes.

In this article, we will go over how to view a coupon’s history.

Find a Code on an Individual’s Profile

If you want to know which code (and thus which coupon version) was sent to a subscriber, head to their profile in Klaviyo. On the bottom right-hand side, you will see the code(s) sent to a subscriber as well as the assigned coupon definition. Note that clicking the code takes you to the latest version of the coupon, not the version the code is associated with.


View Coupon History from the Coupon Tab

If you want an overview of a coupon’s history, navigate to your Coupons tab. Find the coupon you want, then click the Actions dropdown on the right-hand side and select View History.


You will be brought to a page where you can see the different versions of a coupon that had codes assigned to it. If you edited a coupon but then changed it before generating any codes, you will not see this reflected in the coupon history.

The coupon history shows the following:

  • Full coupon definition, including discount type and activation/expiration dates
  • Start and end dates for each version of the coupon
  • Number of codes assigned to each version


This information is not available for coupon versions created before August 26, 2020. This is when Klaviyo began logging coupon history and no information was recorded before that point.

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