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Learn about what Magento 1 data is synced into Klaviyo, along with examples of how you can use that data in flows. When you integrate your Magento 1 account with Klaviyo, you'll have access to both historic and dynamic Magento 1 data that you can use in Klaviyo to personalize your customers' experience. There are many excellent ways to do this through the use of Klaviyo flows.

For a deep dive into your Magento 1 data: Review and Understand your Magento 1 Data.

Magento 1 data can be used to trigger flows and populate flow emails. 

Flow timing

Flow delays are carefully timed to ensure that your content is relevant to your customers’ experience. When you set up your flows, keep in mind the general timing of your Magento 1 sync.

Magento 1 syncs with Klaviyo every 30 minutes.

For example, if you set your first abandoned cart email to send 15 minutes after someone abandons their cart, your customer may receive this even if they did complete their purchase, since the Placed Order data may not have been synced into Klaviyo before the email was sent. To prevent this from happening, it would be safest to set your delay for a minimum of 45 to accommodate for the Magento general time sync of 30 minutes.

Abandoned cart flow

Abandoned cart flows are often the highest-revenue flows in a Klaviyo account. Klaviyo provides a pre-built abandoned cart flow which appears in your Flows Library when you integrate with Magento 1.

Integration requirements: Magento 1 plugin installs website tracking

Data you'll use: Checkout Started (Magento 1 metric), dynamic product data

Notice that the Checkout Started metric is associated with metadata describing the products added to the cart. You can choose to display or collapse metadata on the event timeline.

What the metric means: Checkout Started in Magento 1 means that a customer enters their contact and shipping information on the first page of the Magento checkout process and then clicks continue.

How the metric is triggered: Checkout Started in Magento 1 is triggered when someone lands on the checkout page and the customer types into the checkout field; Klaviyo captures the Checkout Started event when the email field is changed.  When the Magento cron job runs, the event is synced to Klaviyo. 

Flow name: Abandoned Cart

Flow trigger: Event-based; this flow is triggered by the Checkout Started metric

This is an Abandoned Cart flow for a Magento 1 store:
A Magento 1 abandoned cart flow in Klaviyo

You can create personalized flow emails that feature items left in a customer’s cart by pulling Magento 1 product data using dynamic template variables into an email text block.

Learn more: How to create an abandoned cart flow

Browse abandonment flow

Browse Abandonment flow is a powerful flow that captures client interest when they view specific products on your website.

Klaviyo only tracks the browsing activity of "known browsers," which are browsers who have visited and engaged with your site at least once before. There are two key ways we are able to identify a site visitor:

  1. If someone clicks through a Klaviyo email to your website
  2. If someone subscribes or opts-in through a Klaviyo form. Anonymous browsers are not tracked.

Klaviyo provides a pre-built Browse Abandonment flow in your Flows section, but you can easily create your own.  

Integration requirement: the Magento 1 plugin automatically installs the Viewed Product code snippet. If you have not yet implemented Viewed Product tracking in Magento 1, head over to Integrate with Magento 1

Data you'll use: Viewed Product (Klaviyo metric), dynamic product data

What the metric means: Viewed Product is tracked when a customer views a product.

Flow name: Browse Abandonment

Flow trigger: Metric-based; this flow is triggered by the Viewed Product metric

This is a Browse Abandonment flow for a Magento 1 store:
A Magento 1 browse abandonment flow in Klaviyo

Learn more: Guide to Creating a Browse Abandonment flow

Cross sell and product review flow

Cross Sell flows allow you to target a group of people that have all purchased a particular item, but have not also purchased one or more related items. For example, if someone purchases a video game console, you might consider sending them an email about the most popular video games for that console that they haven't yet purchased.

Product Review flows also allow you to target a group of people who purchase a particular item. You may want to filter your Cross sell/Product Review flow by category or collection so you can provide more relevant recommendations in the content of your emails.

Klaviyo offers a pre-built Product Review/Cross Sell flow which can be found in your Klaviyo Flow Library.

Integration requirement: an active Magento 1 integration

Data you'll use: either the Fulfilled Order metric or the Ordered Product metric (both Magento 1 metrics)

What the metrics mean:

  • Fulfilled Order (Magento 1 metric) tracks when you mark an order in your Magento store as shipped.
  • Ordered Product (Magento 1 metric) tracks when a customer places their order. One Ordered Product event is tracked for each item someone purchases.
  • Flow name: Product Review/Cross Sell

Flow trigger: Event-based; Fulfilled Order metric

This is a Product Review/Cross Sell flow for a Magento 1 store:
A Magento 1 cross sell flow in Klaviyo

You can personalize your cross-sell emails with catalog or product feeds. For more information learn how to us product feeds and recommendations.

Learn more: Create a product review flow or create an upsell or cross sell flow

Customer winback flow

Winback flows are used to re-engage inactive customers before they completely disengage with your brand. Consider back-populating your winback flow after setting it up to ensure that anyone who purchased a long time ago but hasn't purchased since can receive your winback series in a timely manner. Let's say, for example, your first winback email is set to send out six months after someone makes a purchase. Rather than wait six months until someone qualifies to receive this email, you can back-populate the flow so that everyone who placed an order six months ago but hasn't purchased since will receive the email right away.

Klaviyo provides a pre-built Customer Winback flow in your Flows section, but you can also easily build your own.

Integration requirement: an active Magento 1 integration

Data you'll use: Placed Order (Magento 1 metric)

What the metric means: Placed Order is tracked when a customer completes the checkout process and creates an order in your Magento 1 store.

Flow name: Customer Winback Flow

Flow trigger: Metric-based; this flow is triggered by the Placed Order metric

Flow filter: Placed Order zero times since starting this flow

This is a Customer Winback flow for a Magento 1 store:
A Magento 1 winback flow in Klaviyo

You can personalize your winback emails with catalog or product feeds. For more information review Product Feeds and Recommendations.

Learn more: Create a winback flow

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