Create a Product Review Flow


After someone purchases a product, you may want to ask them to write a review about what they just bought. This is a great way to build social proof and drive customer engagement with your brand.

To send product review emails, you can use Klaviyo's built-in Product Review / Cross Sell flow, or you can build your own. 


Klaviyo does not support in-email product reviews, meaning customers cannot write reviews within the product review email they receive from you. This also applies to star ratings.

Flow Trigger

Your product review trigger can be either Placed Order or Fulfilled Order. Since the Fulfilled Order event tracks when an item was shipped, it can give you a more accurate idea of when a customer actually received their product. Keep in mind that you'll want to make sure a customer has had an opportunity to use their new product before sending them a product review email. Klaviyo's Product Review / Cross Sell flow uses Fulfilled Order as the trigger metric.

You may also want to target your emails based on the particular item a customer bought. For example, you might want to have a different product review flow for items over $100. You can hone this audience by adding additional filters to the flow trigger.


Other audiences you may want to target include VIP customers, or customers who have made X number of purchases before. This can help you determine how engaged a customer is before sending them a product review email.


As we mentioned above, you'll want to make sure a customer has actually received their purchase before sending them a product review flow. If you know how long your shipping process usually takes, you can use this to inform the timing of your emails. 

You'll also want to give customers a chance to use their purchase before sending your product review flow, since they'll have a more informed opinion once they actually use your product. 

We recommend sending your product review flow 14 days (2 weeks) after an order was fulfilled. This will give your customers a chance to get to know your products before you ask them for a review. And it will ensure that their items have actually been delivered -- there's nothing worse than getting a product review email for an item that you haven't received yet.



You'll want to use dynamic content to ensure that each customer receives a unique email based on the product they purchased. We highly recommend using our built-in Product Review / Cross Sell flow, since this dynamic data is already populated for your account.

In this flow, we include an image and description of the product a customer purchased, as well as a link that customers can click to leave a review on your site.


To recreate this yourself, you'll have to build a dynamic table

We also include a product feed in our built-in Product Review / Cross Sell flow to show customers other products they might find interesting.

Link Customers to the Review Area on a Page

Using anchor links, you can link customers to a specific area of a page on your site. For instance, you may display reviews at the bottom of a product page and want to direct customers straight to this area. You can do this using anchor links.

First, you'll need to define what you want your anchor link to be. In our example, we'll use "#reviews", which is the anchor link that is appended to Klaviyo's default product review email. However, you can make this value whatever you would like, as long as you use a hashtag, no spaces (underscores will work), and remember to change the default link in your email template.


Anywhere on your product template page, paste the following code:

<a href="#reviews"></a>

Then, scroll to the area on the template page's code where your product reviews are displayed. Here, paste the following code:

<a id="reviews"></a>

This will ensure that when a customer clicks the product review link, the page will automatically scroll to this section.

Marketing Best Practices

If you're looking for tips on how to optimize your product review emails, check out these selected posts from our blog:

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