FAQ: How do product feeds work?

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How do product feeds work?

Product feeds work by pulling certain products into a template dynamically, based on the way that you’ve set up the feed. There are a number of options you can configure when creating a product feed, such as the collections or categories of products you’d like to include or exclude, how the feed will be weighted, and how it will look.

There are two components when it comes to how we sort and present product recommendations: a personal recommendation engine and a weighting system.

Any products that do not have images associated with them will get filtered out automatically. Additionally, for each email recipient, we will automatically filter out products the recipient has purchased in the past. If products are out of stock, Klaviyo will consider them "unpublished" in your catalog and not show these products in your feeds.

Popularity is calculated by dividing the number of times a specific product was purchased by the total number of products sold over the period of last 90 days. This means a new surge in a single product may not impact a product feed immediately.

Head to this article on Product Feeds and Recommendations for more information. You can also reach out to a member of our support team.

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