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Klaviyo supports an integration with PrestaShop via the module available in PrestaShop’s addons marketplace. Klaviyo’s integration with PrestaShop requires two set up steps which we will cover in detail, as well as how to confirm your data sync was successful. After your integration setup is complete, transactional data will sync every 30 minutes.

Install PrestaShop Module

To begin installing the PrestaShop module, navigate to PrestaShop’s Addons Marketplace and search for the Klaviyo module. The Klaviyo module is free to download and install. Click on the Klaviyo module and then click Download to begin downloading the file. You do not need to extract the zip file.

The Klaviyo module requires PrestaShop version 1.7 or later. If you need help upgrading from an earlier version, check out PrestaShop's guide to upgrading your store.


Navigate to Modules > Module Manager from the administrator dashboard in PrestaShop. Click Upload a module, then drag and drop the zip file to the module manager. The module will display a successful installation message upon completion.


After you’ve installed the module, click Configure. You will need to retrieve your Klaviyo public API key, as well as generate a private API key to set up the module.

In the Configure window, enter the public API key copied from your Klaviyo account into the Klaviyo Public API Key field. Then copy your Klaviyo private API key into the corresponding field. 


You can navigate away from the Configure settings and return at any time by clicking Klaviyo on the left hand navigation menu in PrestaShop under Configure.

Next, specify if you’d like to sync subscribers to a Klaviyo list. Toggle to Yes to sync subscribers to a list. Toggle No if you do not want to sync subscribers. Click Save to proceed.

If you selected Yes, you will be prompted to select a list from the Klaviyo account specified by your API keys to use for syncing subscribers. All new subscribers will be added to the list you choose. Next to Klaviyo Subscriber List, select a list from the dropdown menu.


If you would like to subscribe profiles to a Klaviyo list using the PrestaShop Newsletter Subscription module, please make sure you have enabled the module, and that the module uses version 2.6.0 or higher.

Click Save to proceed.

If you do not click Save, your list setting will not be saved. You will not receive an error message if your list settings are not saved. Ensure you have saved your list selection before proceeding.

Next, complete the order status mapping form by either accepting the default values or selecting different values. Order statuses correspond to which order events are recorded in Klaviyo.


Placed Order events will be recorded for all statuses selected in this section. Canceled, Refunded, and Fulfilled events will be recorded in addition to a Placed Order event if an order has the corresponding status. You can select multiple values for each order event. Cmd or Ctrl+Click to select multiple.


The same value cannot be selected in multiple order events. Selecting a duplicate value will result in an error message and cannot be saved.

Click Save to complete module configuration. 

Then, head over to Advanced Parameters within the Configure section of the left-hand navigation and select Webservice. Copy the Klaviyo webservice key that has been generated for you. This key will be used when installing the Klaviyo integration in the next step.


While it should not be necessary, we do recommend you validate that the webservice key has the correct Klaviyo permissions by selecting the pencil icon next to the Klaviyo webservice key. Scroll down the list of all permissions and locate klaviyo. Ensure all permissions checkboxes are checked. Select Save to apply changes.


Enable PrestaShop Integration

Next, enable the PrestaShop integration within your Klaviyo account. Log in to Klaviyo and navigate to the Integrations tab. Search under All Integrations and select the PrestaShop integration.

You must fill out three settings and select the shops you’d like to integrate to complete the integration setup. First, enter your PrestaShop shop URL in the Shop URL field.


You can find your shop URL in your PrestaShop account under Shop Parameters > Traffic & SEO > Shop URLs. You can also click View my shop to quickly navigate to your PrestaShop site from any page within your account to retrieve your shop’s URL.

Next, grab the webservice key you copied from PrestaShop in the previous section and enter it into the Webservice Key field.

If you’d like to convert all currencies used by your shops to a single currency in Klaviyo, check Convert all currencies to one standard currency and select a global currency code from the dropdown list.


This will not change the currency of your Klaviyo account. To change the currency you use account-wide, please refer to our guide to Changing the Currency for Your Account.

Finally, select the shops you want to integrate. To pull a list of your available PrestaShop shops, ensure you’ve properly entered your shop URL and webservice key. Then, select Click here to retrieve the list of shops. 


If you think you have entered the wrong shop URL or webservice key, re-enter your information in those fields, then select Click here to refresh the list of shops to repopulate the shop list. 

You must select at least one shop to proceed. Check the box next to the shops you wish to integrate and click Connect to PrestaShop to complete the installation.


Sync Your PrestaShop Data

PrestaShop syncs events from your ecommerce storefront to Klaviyo as metrics you can view in the Analytics tab of your Klaviyo account under Metrics. To view your PrestaShop event data, navigate to the Analytics tab and select Metrics. Then, select PrestaShop from the dropdown menu. 


Additionally, Added to Cart, Active on Site, and Viewed Product events are synced from PrestaShop via API, so they will be accompanied by a gear icon instead of a PrestaShop icon. These events can be found by selecting API in the dropdown.


To read more about viewing and understanding your synced metrics, check out our guide to Reviewing Your PrestaShop Data.

Monitor the Historical Data Sync

When you first integrate with PrestaShop, Klaviyo will sync the last 90 days of your data so you can start engaging your most recent customers right away. After the sync of your most recent 90 days of data, Klaviyo will begin your complete historical data sync.  Depending on how many orders, customers, and products your store has, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days to sync all of your data.

We recommend that you have a minimum of 1024 mb allotted PHP memory while your historical sync is in progress. This allows the sync to complete in a timely manner. The initial memory requirements can be reduced after the historical sync is completed, if desired.

Once this historical sync is complete, new data will sync to Klaviyo every 30 minutes. To check the progress of the initial sync, click on the Analytics tab in the sidebar. Find the Placed Order metric and change the date range of the graph to see which dates have been fully synced. 

When the sync is complete, the PrestaShop integration in the Integrations tab will be marked complete. If you want to verify that all data from PrestaShop is successfully synced, you can cross-check the total orders for a few days or a week. Before you start validating, make sure your account's timezone matches the settings in PrestaShop. To check or update your account's timezone, go to the Account Settings page and check the Contact Information > Organization section.

Klaviyo limits the number of unique metrics your account can create to 200. When you approach this threshold, you will be alerted via a warning in your account, along with an email to the account owner.

Collect Subscribers

If you enabled subscriber list sync during setup, we recommend familiarizing yourself with how Klaviyo collects subscribers. Klaviyo syncs your PrestaShop subscribers via two primary routes:

  1. A storefront newsletter signup form
  2. Opt-in to receive offers at checkout

Subscribers from these sources are synced to the Klaviyo subscriber list you specified in the Klaviyo module during initial setup. All new and existing subscribers will be  synced to the selected list.

Klaviyo will adhere to the double opt-in settings of your specified list. If double opt-in is enabled for your subscriber list, your customers will still need to confirm their subscription via email to be added to the list.

To confirm your PrestaShop subscribers are being added to your list, navigate to the list in Klaviyo from the Lists & Segments tab and view the list members.

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