FAQ: How do I create a Product Feed on new products/catalog?

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How do I create a Product Feed on new products/catalog?

To create a product feed, click into the Data Feeds tab in Klaviyo. By default, Klaviyo will provide a product feed containing all product categories. Dependent on the ecommerce integration, you’ll see the prefix for the feed in the title, SHOP for Shopify, MAG for Magento, etc.

To add a product feed, click add product feed in the top right and name your feed something specific, so you know what is populating in the feed. Define the weighting by popular products or trending/recently popular products. Popularity is calculated by dividing the number of times a specific product was bought by the total number of products sold over the period of last 90 days, while weighting by trending products gives more weight to products that are bought frequently and recently over the last 90 days. It’s possible that if you have two products that are equally popular, but because the purchases for product A surges earlier than product B over the last 90 days, product B will be shown as trending higher. Finally, define the categories that will be featured for the feed, and exclude any you wouldn’t want to appear.

Head to the article on Product Feeds and Recommendations for more information.

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