Inactive Segments

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Inactive segments are any segments that you have not used in the last 3 months. These segments are automatically moved to your inactive segments tab. Once a segment has been marked as inactive, you will no longer see it available for campaigns, flow triggers and filters, exporting, signup forms, etc. At any time, you can navigate to your inactive segments tab and reactivate an inactive segment.

Criteria for an Inactive Segment

Any segment that is identified as inactive is automatically moved to your inactive segments tab.

In the last 3 months, any segment that meets the following criteria is automatically marked as inactive:

  • Has not connected to any flows
  • Has not been used in any campaigns
  • Has not been changed or updated
  • Has not been connected to any signup forms
  • Has not been starred in your dashboard
  • Has not been exported

Only Klaviyo can deactivate a segment. You cannot deactivate a segment manually.

Reactivating an Inactive Segment

To reactive an inactive segment, navigate to your Lists & Segments > Inactive Segments page. Find the segment you want to reactivate, and click Reactivate > Updated Segment. The segment now appears on your active lists & segments.


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