How to Handle GDPR Requests



When your customers contact you with at GDPR request, you may have to provide their complete profile data, or a record of their profile deletion.

Export a Profile's Data

Navigate to the profile you want to export and click Export Profile. A modal appears prompting you to confirm your export. Click Start Export to export the profile data.

A green callout confirms that your profile data is available on your Downloads page. From your Downloads page, click to Download to export your profile data as a .zip file.

Record GDPR Deletion Requests

When responding to a GDPR deletion request, you can choose to add a profile to your account's list of deleted profiles, preserving a record that your business has complied with the deletion request.

When deleting a profile in Klaviyo, the profile’s event history as well as every recipient record associated with the profile remain in Klaviyo, but any sensitive data associated with the profile is removed.

For a profile's event history, any customer specific information is replaced with the word "redacted", and then the customer's information is permanently deleted from Klaviyo.

For every recipient record associated with a profile, the profile's email address is replaced with a random email address that starts with the word "redacted", for example,

To delete a Klaviyo profile, navigate to the profile and click the Delete button below the Information section of a contact profile. After clicking the Delete button, a warning message prompts you to confirm your decision to delete a profile.

Check the box on the delete profile warning message and the deleted profile will be added to your account's list of deleted profiles.

After clicking Delete Person you're taken to your list of deleted profiles. This list provides a permanent record that your business has complied with any GDPR deletion requests. 

You can access your list of deleted profiles by navigating to to your Account > Settings > Account Maintenance and clicking the link.

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