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On the final page of the campaign scheduling wizard, when you click Schedule or Send, you can either:

  • Determine recipients now: This option is the default for sending in recipient timezone or batch sending. This option can be useful if you are sending to a very large group of people and cannot afford any delay in when the email is sent out. When choosing this option, be aware that people who are added or removed from a target list/segment between the scheduling and send times will not be added or removed from the group of people that the campaign sends to.
  • Determine recipients at send time: To select this option, you'll need to select a time in one timezone and check the box to Determine recipients at send time.
    This option can be useful if you're scheduling a campaign in advance but know that your target list or segment will grow (or shrink) between now and the scheduled send time. You can plan ahead and still schedule campaigns in advance, but don't have to worry about your audience becoming outdated by the time the actual send time rolls around.

    Selecting this option means that recipients will be queued up to receive the email at send time, not in advance. If you are sending to a large group of customers, this may cause a slight delay in when your email goes out.

Note: This setting cannot be changed once the email has been scheduled.

Account Level Setting

By default, the Determine Recipients at Send Time option is unselected whenever you schedule a new campaign. If you would like this option to be selected by default instead, you can configure this in your account settings by navigating to Account > Settings > Email Settings. Here, you will see an area labeled Campaign Sending Defaults.


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