How to Import Profile Properties Using a CSV Upload

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Profile properties are used to store information about your subscribers, like their first and last name, interests, birthdays, and more. You can add properties to your profiles in a variety of ways, including using a signup form, through an integration, or by uploading a CSV file. In this guide, you will learn how to use a CSV file to upload profile properties. 

This method of adding profile properties to Klaviyo requires that you upload contacts to a list. If your file includes contacts that have not explicitly opted in to email or SMS marketing, exercise caution to ensure you don’t send those contacts unwanted messages, as this can hurt your deliverability. Learn more about deliverability. 

Create a CSV File

The first step in uploading profile properties to Klaviyo is creating a correctly-formatted CSV file containing those properties. You can use any spreadsheet tool to create your file, including Excel and Google Sheets. Your file should contain a single header row with labels for each column, and must have a column for email addresses. Include your profile properties as additional columns. 


Make sure that all the data in your spreadsheet is in a format that can be read by Klaviyo. Learn more about data types in Klaviyo, including how to format them. 

Upload Profile Properties

Once your CSV file is ready to upload, navigate to the Lists & Segments tab in Klaviyo. Use the Create List / Segment button and choose List to create a new list. Once you’ve created and named the list, click Upload Contacts


If you’re using an existing list rather than a new list, you can upload contacts by clicking Manage List in the top-right corner, then Import Contacts.

Select the CSV file you just created in the upload modal. You’ll be taken to a page titled Import Review, where you should see rows displaying the name of each property. Under Klaviyo Field, select the correct Klaviyo or custom profile property and data type for each property. If you are uploading a brand-new profile property that doesn’t yet exist in Klaviyo, enter the property you’d like to use, then click Create option from the dropdown menu. 


Once you’ve reviewed and finalized your selections, click Start Import. Your import may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, depending on the size of your list. You can navigate away from the page and the upload will continue. 

Having trouble with your upload? Head to Klaviyo’s guide, How to Troubleshoot List Imports

Review Your Import

Once the import is complete, open up your list and click on any profile. Navigate to the Information section of their profile. Here, you’ll find the properties you just uploaded. Many will appear under Custom Properties, but note that some default Klaviyo properties, like phone number or first and last name, will appear in the Contact section. 

Ensure Compliance 

In order to maintain strong deliverability and comply with data privacy and marketing laws, make sure you only market to people who have explicitly opted in to email or SMS marketing. If the list you uploaded contains profiles who haven’t opted in, we recommend taking precautions to ensure you don’t reach out to them accidentally. For example, you could:

  • Review your segment definitions to confirm only opted-in subscribers are included.
  • Delete the list once the upload is complete. To delete the list, but keep the profiles, navigate to the Lists & Segments tab. Locate the list you just created and click the more options icon (three vertical dots). Click Delete

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