How to update your billing email address

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Learn how to update your billing address, which is set to the Owner's email address by default. 

Before you begin

Note that only account Owners and Admins can update your account's billing email address.

You can only set one email address as the point-of-contact to receive billing notifications. If you want multiple people at your organization to receive notifications, we suggest making an alias and setting that as the billing email address or reaching out to our support team.

Update your billing email address

  1. Click your organization in the bottom left corner.
  2. Select Account & billing from the dropdown. 
  3. Click Billing > Billing Preferences
    Billing Preference tab under the Billing page
  4. Scroll to the Billing Email section. 
    The Billing Email section, which uses the Owner's email address by default
  5. Input the new email address under Send billing notifications to
  6. Click Update Billing Email.

Once successfully saved, you will see a notification indicating that this email address has been updated. That email will remain in Klaviyo and any future billing notifications will be sent to this contact.

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