Understanding how credit cards are retried after a failed payment

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Learn how and when Klaviyo retries credit cards after a payment has failed. We’ll go over what happens after a payment has failed, when an account will be suspended, and how long it takes for a retry when you change the credit card on file. 

If you have custom billing, this process does not apply. You will need to speak to your account manager for any questions about failed payments or account suspension.

Retry process after a failed payment

For recurring payments, Klaviyo will automatically schedule a retry within 24 hours after the initial payment fails. 

If the payment continues to fail, the account will be suspended until a payment goes through. 

As long as there’s a payment method on file, Klaviyo will retry a payment up to 3 times after the account is suspended. After a payment goes through, Klaviyo will reactivate the account automatically. 

If there’s no payment method or you have a coupon on file that’s invalid, Klaviyo will not retry a payment.

Retry process for updating a credit card

After you change your credit card on file, Klaviyo waits up to 1 hour before retrying the payment. 

Please allow for the full 1 hour to pass before checking your account’s status. 

If the payment goes through, the account will be reactivated automatically. 

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