Add Metric Charts to Your Dashboard



Once you have data flowing into Klaviyo, the dashboard is a great way to view a summary of all of your data and analytics at once. The Analytics tab contains customizable graphs of metrics syncing into Klaviyo, as well as a timeframe selector.


This dashboard can contain up to 12 charts. Each chart shows a single metric, featuring either the total count of events or the summed value of those events.

The graphs shown here are customizable per login, so each Klaviyo user on your team can tailor them to his/her individual preferences.

Adding a Metric Graph

Click the Add Metric Chart button in the upper right corner, and you'll see a pop-up like the one below.


Choose the metric to add and, optionally, expand the Advanced Options to choose a specific property to filter.

Finally, click Add Metric and the new chart will be added to the bottom of your dashboard. All graphs are draggable, so they can be rearranged. 

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