How to send a campaign to multiple lists or segments

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Sending to multiples lists allows you to hone the sending pool of your campaign by including recipients from specific lists while excluding recipients from others. For instance, you could: 

  • Notify segments of your customer-base in advance for promotions like flash sales (e.g., rewarding VIP customers with special updates
  • Let certain segments of customers know about a new product or collection
  • Target customers who previously purchased during a holiday to tell them about this year's sales or products
  • Create a segment of inactive subscribers and launch a re-engagement effort, excluding this segment from your regular campaign sending

This articles explains how to send to multiple lists and segments.

How to send to multiple lists

  1. Create a new campaign.
  2. When prompted to choose a list to send to, you will see the option to Send to or Don't send to (Optional) another list.
    Any duplicate names in the lists or segments you select will automatically be deduplicated so that none of your users receive the campaign more than once.
    adding a list or segment to a campaign
  3. When you click to include another list or segment, another dropdown menu will appear prompting you to select which additional list/segment you would like to send to.
  4. You can exclude certain lists or segments by clicking on the Don't send to (Optional) link and then selecting which lists or segments that you want to make sure do not receive your campaign.
    Adding and excluding lists and segments for a campaign

You can send a single campaign to a maximum of 15 lists/segments. If you'd like to send a campaign to more groups, clone it

Calculating expected recipients

Below the lists and segments you've chosen for inclusion and exclusion, you will see a section labeled Expected Recipients. The number shown estimates the number of people who will receive your campaign. When calculating this number, we do the following:

  • Add together all profiles that exist in the lists and segments you've chosen to include
  • Subtract duplicate profiles that may exist in multiple lists/segments you've chosen to include
  • Subtract profiles within any included groups that also exist in lists and segments you've chosen to exclude
  • Subtract unsubscribed contacts and global suppressions from all included lists and segments

Klaviyo automatically skips suppressed profiles at send time, so by excluding these profiles from our expected recipient calculation, you are able to see an accurate count of who will receive your campaign.

If none of the lists you have chosen to exclude contain any recipients that are also on lists chosen to be included, you won't see the expected recipient count be dramatically different from the number of members in the included lists.

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