How to view your account's payment history

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Learn how to view the amount, a short description, status, and date of each payment as well as see a detailed invoice in Klaviyo.

View your payment history

  1. Click on your organization's name in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click Account & Billing.
  3. Click on the Billing tab.
  4. Select Payment History.
    Payment history tab, where you can view your invoices

Review your payment history 

The first page of your Payment History will display your 10 most recent payments, which you can adjust by clicking the Rows Per Page dropdown.

There are three columns visible in your billing history:

  • Invoice
    Displays the date, invoice ID, a short summary indicating the size of the plan you paid for, and a link to a more detailed invoice for each individual payment.
  • Amount
    Displays the total amount of your payment on that date.

  • Payment Status
    Displays whether a payment was made and, if so, when. If your payment failed or was refunded, this will also be reflected here.
    • Draft
      Includes payments that are currently being processed by Klaviyo
    • Finalized - awaiting payment
      Includes invoices for scheduled payments, if you have automatic payments enabled in your account
    • Closed and forgiven
      Includes failed payments, in which case you will either receive another invoice or see that we've closed this invoice and are no longer charging your account
    • Paid
      Includes only invoice payments that Klaviyo has received
    • Void
      Includes invoices that have been cancelled and are not being charged as a payment

For a more detailed view of each payment, click on the date of your invoice. In each invoice, you will see the name, street address, and email address of your organization. You will also see the last 4 digits of the card that was charged for the payment.

Filter and search through the payments

You can filter your payment history by searching for your invoice ID number, a select date range, or payment status. Note these filters work concurrently; for example, if you filter by date range and payment status, the results will only show invoices that match both filter selections.

To search by invoice ID number, click into the search bar labeled Invoice ID#. Then, input your desired invoice ID number. In the image below, the ID is listed underneath the invoice date as: In_0Gao13MFlk84TnkMCE6cHf.

An invoice for a payment, showing the specific invoice number

When adjusting the date range, click into the Date Range dropdown and select from the available options. 

Download a copy of your invoice

You can download a copy of your invoice to see all the details for a payment. To do so:

  1. Hover over the specific row for your desired invoice
  2. Click Download

Download button for an invoice, which appears after you hover over a payment.png

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