Understanding the Klaviyo dashboard

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Learn what each tab of your Klaviyo dashboard entails, how you can use each, and the insights they will provide about your account's health. Once you begin sending regular campaigns and have flows live in your account, your Klaviyo dashboard will provide a helpful summary of your account's activity.

When you log into Klaviyo, you'll be brought to the dashboard automatically, but you can also navigate there any time by clicking Dashboard in the left-hand navigation menu. 

Objectives tab

The objectives tab presents you with a customized list of onboarding tasks and ideas to help you get started growing with Klaviyo.

Review these cards if you're not sure where to start, and if you see something you don't need, just click the X icon to remove it from your list.

Performance tab

The performance tab of the dashboard has three main sections:

  • A high-level snapshot of your overall performance across channels
  • A snapshot of flow performance
  • A snapshot of campaign performance

The Performance tab in the dashboard

Learn more about the performance tab and the business indicators it provides.

With the release of iOS15, macOS Monterey, iPadOS 15, and WatchOS 8, Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) changed the way that we receive open rate data on your emails by prefetching our tracking pixel. With this change, it’s important to understand that open rates will be inflated.

To see if your opens are affected, we suggest creating a custom report that includes an MPP property. You can also identify these opens in your individual subscriber segments.

Lists & segments tab

The lists & segments tab of your dashboard features all starred lists and segments.

The lists & segments tab in the dashboard

Note that the section Added This Week accounts for all profiles added to this segment within that given week. A week, in this case, runs from Monday to Sunday.

To add a star to a list or segment, navigate to your account's main Lists & Segments tab on the left-hand side of your screen . Here, you will see a small star icon to the right of each list/segment name.

Next to the right of list or segment with the ability to add star

Activity feed tab

The activity feed is a live feed of all metrics flowing into your Klaviyo account. You can filter this feed by metric.

The activity feed tab in the dashboard

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