How to bulk suppress or delete email contacts in Klaviyo

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Learn how to remove unnecessary email profiles from your active profile list by suppressing them, or removing them from your account entirely by deleting them. 

In general, Klaviyo recommends suppressing profiles rather than deleting them. Suppressed profiles don't count towards your plan limits. Deleted data cannot be recovered. 

Some integrations may import customers or users that you may never want to email in Klaviyo. For example:

  • Support tickets opened by non-customers
  • Inactive email addresses you don't want to email

Over time, you may also want to clean certain emailable profiles out of your account. If you are interested in removing profiles from Klaviyo, you have two options: suppress or delete them entirely. Deleting contacts is permanent, and cannot be undone. 

Learn how to suppress a single profile from email, rather than suppressing in bulk. 

Bulk suppress contacts in Klaviyo

If you want to keep a group of contacts in your account and suppress them so that they stop receiving emails from you, upload them to your account's suppression list.

Use bulk suppression when removing profiles that also exist in your ecommerce platform. If you bulk delete, they will resync from your integration and your account will not flag that these profiles should not be emailed.

  1. Create a list or segment of those you want to suppress
  2. Export this list or segment to a CSV file
  3. Remove all columns in the spreadsheet except for the column with the header Email
    A spreadhseet containing a column of emails
  4. Navigate to the Profiles tab 
  5. Click the Suppressed People link in the upper right of that page
  6. Select Upload File

When you suppress a group of people, their profiles will remain intact in your account. They will be considered "inactive," however, and you will not be able to email them. Inactive profiles do not count toward your Klaviyo email plan's active profile limit. 

Bulk delete contacts from Klaviyo

To permanently remove a group of people from your account:

  1. Create a list or segment that contains these contacts
  2. Select your Account dropdown in the bottom left corner of your screen and click Account
  3. Click into the Settings tab
  4. Navigate to Profile Maintenance
  5. In the Remove Profiles section, choose the list or segment you wish to delete from the dropdown menu
  6. Click Delete People

When you delete people, these profiles will be completely erased and no history will be kept — this is permanent.

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