Create a Repeat Purchasers Segment

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A repeat purchasers segment allows you to see which customers in your account have returned to buy from your brand after their first purchase. The conditions for this segment are:

What someone has done (or not done) > Has Placed Order > is at least 2 > over all time


New to Klaviyo and need inspiration for segmentation? Check out our Guide to Creating Segments.

Options for Further Targeting

  • Adjust Frequency
    If you want to create a VIP customer segment or otherwise make this segment more exclusive, you can adjust the number of purchases someone must make in order to get included; for example, you could adjust this to, "has Placed Order at least 4 over all time".
  • Adjust Timeframe
    You could also adjust the timeframe -- instead of purchase activity "over all time," make this segment more exclusive by isolating those that have purchased a certain number of times in the last X days, weeks, or months.
  • Add a Filter
    You can add a filter to this condition to isolate repeat purchasers of a specific product, or those that have repeat purchased from a certain category.
  • Add Additional Conditions
    If you want to create a segment of repeat purchasers that also are part of a certain list, this can be achieved by adding another condition to your segment. You can further target this segment by adding any number of additional conditions based on customer properties or behavior.

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