How to Create a Location-Based Segment

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You can use location-based segments to run a specific campaign by region, target a form to customers in a particular area, or better understand a subset of your customers. Note that Klaviyo determines a profile's location when syncing a billing address for that contact or, if they have not yet purchased, by tracking their IP geolocation. For more information on how location is set, head to our article on the subject.

Create a Location-Based Segment

When creating a location-based segment, use the condition of Properties About Someone. Then, choose between country, state/region, zip code, or timezone to further define this segment.

For example, if you want to create an email targeting North Americans in colder climates, you can create a segment of people who live in Canada or New England. For one of the conditions, use Country, and for the other use the State/Region property.


Note that, by using the OR connector between these conditions, your segment will be more inclusive — so, someone can be from Canada but not from Massachusetts (and vice versa) and still make it into this segment. If you instead want to make your segment more exclusive, add conditions separated by an AND connector. In doing so, you're saying that all conditions must be true in order for someone to be included. For more information, head to our AND vs. OR Guide.

Create a Segment of Profiles Impacted by GDPR and UK GDPR

People located in the EU or UK are affected by certain data protection laws (GDPR and GDPR UK, respectively). To create a segment of profiles in these locations, use this definition:
If someone is or is not within the EU (GDPR) > is within European Union
Properties about someone > Country equals United Kingdom
If you have profiles that contain multiple variations of “United Kingdom” stored in the location field (for example, “UK” or “united kingdom”), you should include all spellings in your segment.

Use this location-based segment if you only want to target your European customer base, or to exclude these customers to be sure you’re not in violation of GDPR and GDPR UK regulations.


Segment by Someone’s Proximity to a Location

You can also create location-based segments by focusing on profiles within a specific radius of a particular zip code (i.e., postal code). Then, send region-specific information to people who live within a set distance from that location. This functionality can only identify profiles in the US, EU, and Canada. 

For UK zip codes, we support filtering by outward code, not inward code or both outward and inward code (usually separated by a space). For example, if a person's full zip code is "SW1W 0NY," only the first piece ("SW1W") will work for these filters.

Let's say, for example, you have a popup shop in Boston and want to invite Boston-based customers who are in your Newsletter list. Create a segment that looks like the following:


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