How to Troubleshoot Dedicated Sending Domain Issues

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Learn how to diagnose potential issues with your dedicated sending domain to ensure emails reach your subscribers.

A dedicated sending domain enables you to send emails that appear from your brand, rather than from the domain. For setup instructions, visit our How to Set Up a Dedicated Sending Domain resource.


Before starting the troubleshooting steps below, confirm that you have verified and applied your domain. Note that Klaviyo will not automatically apply your sending domain, as we want to ensure that you are ready to warm your sending infrastructure first.

We also recommend giving time for the DNS to propagate and for the cache to clear. Depending on your DNS provider, this process could take up to 48 hours. Please wait up to 48 hours after you’ve updated your DNS records before attempting to diagnose any issues.

Reviewing Your DNS Record Configuration

Duplicate Records

Review that you have properly configured your DNS record. By default, Klaviyo expects all DNS records to be unique and on the root domain. It’s possible that your DNS record could be a duplicate of another existing record and your provider has not alerted you of this. We recommend that you carefully review your DNS records, and make sure they are unique and you do not have any duplicates.

Root Domain Issues

We also recommend checking that your DNS provider automatically appends the root domain. For example, if you add CNAME record it would automatically become Compare your other DNS records to see if you need to append it or if your provider automatically does this.

If you have made any changes to your DNS records, please wait up to 48 hours before you begin troubleshooting again. If after the 48-hour mark you are still not seeing the records published or you are continuing to experience issues, we recommend contacting your DNS provider.

DNS Provider Doesn’t Support Underscores

Some DNS providers do not support underscores in your CNAME. However, in order for your DNS record to update in Klaviyo, underscores are necessary.

If your DNS provider does not support underscores in your CNAME, we suggest first reaching out to your DNS provider’s support team and seeing if they can create the record for you. Often DNS providers will be able to manually adjust your CNAME to include the underscore if you reach out to them.

If your DNS provider ultimately cannot support underscores, consider using another provider as these will be necessary to your domain setup in Klaviyo.

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