How to Block, Archive, or Mark SMS Conversations as Unread

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This article runs through the several options for managing your SMS conversations, including: 

  • Blocking the sender
  • Archiving a message thread
  • Unarchiving a message thread
  • Marking a conversation as unread

Blocking a Sender

If you no longer want to receive messages from a certain phone number or profile, you can block their messages. Any messages from this sender will disappear permanently from your SMS conversations, and you won’t see any new messages they send. There is no way to recover messages after they’ve been blocked.  

In the Inbox tab, click the three dots next to their name or number to open a dropdown menu. The menu is located both in the left-hand sidebar or at the top of the message thread on the right. 

Next, click Block to remove the message thread from your SMS conversations. 


Archiving a Message

Archiving helps organize your SMS conversations by moving a message out of your Inbox and into a separate folder. You can still access these messages by navigating to the Archived tab, but they won’t clutter up your inbox. 

Note that when a customer sends a new message after a conversation is archived, Klaviyo will automatically unarchive the conversation and it will appear in your inbox. 

To archive a message, click the three horizontal dots to the right of the message, either in the left-hand sidebar or at the top of the message thread on the right. 

Click Archive

Unarchive a Message

If you want to move an archived message back to your inbox, unarchive it.

Navigate to the Archived tab. Next, click the three horizontal dots to open the dropdown menu.


Click Unarchive. The message will reappear in the inbox in chronological order of the last message sent.

Marking Messages as Unread

To easily come back to a message, mark it as unread. The unread indicator (a blue dot) will reappear on the message.

Mark a message as unread by clicking the actions dropdown (i.e., the three horizontal dots in the left-hand sidebar or at the top of the message thread on the right). In the dropdown menu, click Mark unread.

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