When Klaviyo Removes SMS Consent Automatically

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There are several cases when Klaviyo will automatically remove consent from an SMS subscriber. Usually, this happens when Klaviyo receives certain information, such as:

  • The subscriber has opted out 
  • A text failed because of a permanent reason

This article dives into exactly what causes Klaviyo to remove SMS consent. 

Subscriber Opted Out via a Keyword/Unsubscribe Link

The most common reason why Klaviyo will remove SMS consent is when the subscriber opts out using an unsubscribe link or one of the following keywords: 

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT

At this point, the subscriber clearly communicated that they no longer wish to receive SMS messages from your brand. Thus, Klaviyo will make sure no new texts can be sent to this number until that individual resubscribes. 

Text Failed due to a Hard Bounce

A hard bounce for SMS is when the text cannot be delivered due to a permanent error that will not go away with time or location — the same as a hard bounce for email.

If a text isn’t delivered for one of the reasons listed below, it is considered a permanent failure reason and Klaviyo will automatically remove SMS consent for that number: 

  • Phone Number is Not Valid
  • Device Disconnected 
  • Device Incapable of Receiving SMS

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