How to Disable Notification Emails Sent by Shopify

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If you are currently sending certain emails via Shopify, such as abandoned checkout or delivery notifications, that you plan to start sending via Klaviyo, you will need to disable these emails in Shopify to avoid sending them twice. Make sure to disable these emails right before you enable the corresponding flow in Klaviyo to avoid a gap in sending. 

You can request transactional status for emails that do not contain marketing content by contacting our Customer Success team.

Before You Begin

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If you have not already, read our guide on How to Integrate with Shopify for step-by-step instructions on integrating, before continuing with this article.

Which Emails Can Be Disabled?

Some emails can be turned off in Shopify, while others cannot. Some emails can only be turned off by a Shopify Merchant Success Manager for customers with Shopify Plus. 

The following emails can be turned off for customers with Shopify Plus:

  • Customer account welcome
  • Order confirmation
  • Order cancelled
  • Order refund
  • Shipping update

The following email types cannot be turned off in Shopify (for non-Plus customers):

  • Customer account activation*
  • Customer account welcome
  • Customer password reset*
  • Gift card notification*
  • Order confirmation
  • Order cancelled 
  • Order refund
  • Shipping update

*Denotes emails that cannot be turned off either Shopify Plus or non-Plus customers. 

All customers can turn off the following email types in Shopify:

  • Abandoned checkout notification
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Delivery updates, including local delivery

Check out Shopify’s notification documentation for more information. 

Additionally, Fulfillment Request emails are only sent if a Custom Fulfillment method exists. 

Disabling Abandoned Checkout Notification Emails

From your Shopify admin, click Settings in the lower left. Then, click Checkout. In the Abandoned checkouts section, uncheck Automatically send abandoned checkout emails. For more information, visit Shopify’s abandoned checkout documentation. mceclip0.png

Disabling Shipping and Delivery Notification Emails

You can disable shipping notification emails in Shopify in two steps. From your Shopify admin, click Settings in the lower left. Then, click Checkout. Scroll down to Order Processing and select Automatically fulfill the order’s line items; then, uncheck Notify customers of their shipment below that setting. mceclip1.png

Then, navigate back to the Settings page and click Notifications

Scroll down to Shipping and uncheck the Out for delivery and Delivered options. mceclip2.png

If you are utilizing Local Delivery, uncheck all of the delivery email options within this section.mceclip3.png

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