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Learn how to collect email and SMS subscribers by creating an Instagram story that includes a link which opens up a sign-up form when a user taps on it. When someone views one of your stories on mobile and clicks your link, it will direct them to a form where they can subscribe to hear more from you.

Keep in mind that you must inform users of what they are opting into per SMS compliance laws.

Creating a landing page for instagram users

Before you do anything on Instagram, we'll first create a sign-up form to serve as a landing page for shoppers that click on the link. This can use any page from your site (e.g., your homepage) along with a full-page Klaviyo popup form. (You can also use an embedded form; however, the instructions for where to paste the embed code vary based on your integration.)

  1. In Klaviyo, create a new sign-up form and design it to fit your brand. You have the option to build a new form from scratch, or filter the form library to show forms collecting emails and numbers, and choose a template. 
  2. If your form does not already have an SMS opt-in step, click + Step > SMS Opt-in to add one. Klaviyo best practice suggests using a multi-step form with separate steps for email opt-in and SMS opt-in, even when you’re trying to collect subscribers for only one channel.

    When you add the phone number field, Klaviyo automatically adds opt-in language and highlights the language to edit and personalize. This explicitly states that by signing up, the person is opting into receiving marketing text messages from your brand. You may want to change the exact wording, but you must include something to this effect per TCPA guidelines. Klaviyo cannot provide legal advice; before deciding on or using a disclaimer, we recommend consulting your legal counsel.

    The SMS opt-in step on an example form showing the opt-in language that Klaviyo automatically adds in.
  3. Click on the button (e.g., Sign up the example above) to see the button settings. Set its Action to Submit Form and choose the list you want subscribers to go to.
  4. For After Submit, select Go to URL and input the Destination URL to redirect subscribers to another page on your website, such as your home page.
    The button settings menu with the action set to submit form, the list to submit chosen, the after submit set to go to URL, and the destination URL filled in with a page on your website.
  5. After designing the form, open the Styles section. Here, set your Form Type to a full page form so that the form looks like it’s simply another page on your website.
    An arrow pointing to the full page form type selected in the styles tab of the form editor.
  6. Next, open the Targeting & Behaviors tab.
  7. Check that the form displays immediately on page load and that Don't show again after submit form or go to URL action is selected.
    The Targeting and Behaviors tab with the form set to show immediately on page load and to not show again after submit form or go to URL is selected.
  8. Under Targeting, choose Show to all visitors. Then select Only show on certain URLs. This is how you’ll create a landing page for those coming from Instagram.
  9. Select Containing from the dropdown menu and put in the anchor link. An anchor link starts with a hashtag followed by a descriptive page name (e.g., #InstagramSignup).
  10. When you’re ready, publish this form and test that it appears correctly. For instance, if we set the anchor link to be #InstagramSignup, the corresponding link would look like:

The targeting section with the form set to show to all visitors, and only show to certain URLS containing your anchor link.

Add your link to an Instagram story

  1. Log in to your Instagram account and swipe left to access the Instagram Story builder.
  2. Take a new photo or click on the image selector icon in the bottom left to access your latest pics and select 1. As a best practice, the image size should be 1080 x 1920 px.
  3. Next, click the sticker button on the top menu, which looks like a smiling face in a rounded square.
    An example instagram story with the sticker button being clicked in the top corner to further edit it.
  4. Select the Link sticker option and add your desired link to your landing page (e.g.,
  5. Once added, click Done in the upper right.
    Your link pasted in the add link page of the story editor.
  6. The link will appear as a sticker on your image. Tap and drag to reposition the sticker, then click Your Story to post it to your story. 
    An example instragram story with your desired link posted in a sticker.

Once the post is live, you’ll begin collecting SMS and email subscribers via Instagram to grow your list. You can even add a split to your welcome series to target those who signed up using this form, allowing you to send them a more personalized message.

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