How to add a tag to a campaign or flow

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Learn how to add tags to campaigns and flows. 

Why use tags?

Tags can help you organize content across Klaviyo, streamlining your workflow and making it easier for different teams to collaborate. You can either add tags when creating your campaigns and flows or you can add tags retroactively when they are already built in your account.  

Add a tag to a campaign

For new campaigns: 

  1. Select the Tag dropdown on the first page of the campaign scheduler.
  2. Choose either an existing tag or create a new one by typing it out in the search bar.

For existing campaigns:

  1. Head to Campaigns
  2. Click the checkboxes beside each campaign.
  3. Select the Add/Remove Tags dropdown and click Add Tags. You can add tags to all campaigns regardless of whether or not they have already been sent.

First page of the campaign wizard, where you can add a tag

Add a tag to a flow

When creating a new flow from the Flow Library,

  1. Select the flow template you want to use.
  2. Under Tags, select the existing tag you want to apply to this flow or create a new one.
  3. Click Create Flow.
  • Adding a tag to a flow using the templates in the Flow Library

For existing flows:

  1. Navigate to Flows
  2. Select the Edit Flow dropdown next to the name of the flow.
  3. Click Edit Details from the dropdown menu.
  4. Add an existing tag or create a new one. 
    Edit Details modal, where you can add a tag to an existing flow

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