How to Add a Tag to a List or Segment

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Tags allow you to organize items across different areas in Klaviyo, streamlining your workflow and making it easier for different teams to collaborate. For lists and segments, you can either add tags when creating and naming them or you can add tags retroactively when they are already built in your account. In this article, you will learn how to add a tag to a list or a segment using either method.

Add a Tag When Creating a List or Segment

To add a tag when creating a list or a segment, first head to the Lists & Segments tab and Create List/Segment. Choose to either create a list or a segment.

Then, you can add a tag to the list or segment as you are naming it. Select the dropdown labeled Tags and either add an existing tag or create a new tag. Below is an example of where you will add tags to a segment.


Meanwhile, the image below is an example of where you will add tags when creating a list.


Add a Tag Retroactively

If you want to add tags to lists and segments that are already in your Klaviyo account, head to your Lists & Segments tab. Then, click the checkboxes next to any lists and segments that you want to apply tags to.

Click the Add/Remove Tags dropdown at the top of the page and select Add Tags.


An Add Tags popup will appear. Click the dropdown under Tags, select or create your desired tags, and then click Add Tags. The tags will then be added to these lists and segments. 


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