Campaign SMS and MMS Benchmarks

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Once you send an SMS or MMS campaign, you may wonder what type of engagement rates to expect. For instance, what is an average click or conversion rate? What is the maximum unsubscribe rate should you expect?

This article runs through the average click, conversion, and unsubscribe rates for both SMS and MMS campaigns.

The information below is based on data from Klaviyo customers using SMS in the US. These ranges may vary depending on your industry and audience.


The rates for SMS and MMs are almost identical. MMS messages have a slightly higher average revenue per recipient and a slightly lower unsubscribe rate, but otherwise, the performance of the two message types is the same. 

Click Rate

Great 14.6% and above
Good 8.9%–14.5%
Room for Improvement 6.0–8.8%
Critical Less than 5.9%

Conversion Rate

Great 2.1% and above
Good 1.0–2.0%
Room for Improvement 0.5–0.9%
Critical Less than 0.5%

Unsubscribe Rate

Great Less than 0.5%
Good 0.5–1.2%
Room for Improvement 1.3–2.1%
Critical 2.2% and above

Revenue per Recipient

Great $2.42 and above
Good $0.66–2.41
Room for Improvement $0.18–0.65
Critical Less than $0.18

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