How to remove SMS consent from a single profile

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Learn how to manually remove SMS consent from a Klaviyo profile. For information on removing SMS consent for multiple profiles, please see our article on bulk unsubscribing SMS consent

Only Owners, Admins, Managers, and Analysts can remove SMS consent in a profile. 

Remove SMS consent

Removing SMS consent from a profile means you will no longer be able to send them text messages. Unless the profile resubscribes to SMS marketing (e.g., via a signup form), they will automatically be skipped for all future SMS. 

To remove consent from a profile:  

  1. Navigate to the Audience > Profiles tab or search by name or phone number.
  2. Click the recipient who you want to remove SMS consent for.
  3. On the right-hand side, locate Channels.
  4. Under the phone number, click Show consent details to show additional information.
    Example of a profile page, with the Consent box is in the lower right
  5. Click the Unsubscribe from SMS link next to Method
    Close-up of the Consent box, showing the link to unsubscribe a profile from SMS
  6. Click Unsubscribe from SMS to confirm you want to remove consent for SMS.Modal to confirm that you want to remove SMS consent from a profile


You will see a red X next to their phone number to indicate the profile is no longer consented to receive SMS marketing, as shown in the example below.

Consent box after SMS consent has been removed

Going forward, you will not be able to text this profile unless they resubscribe to SMS. 

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