How to Remove SMS Consent from a Profile

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Learn how to manually remove SMS consent from a Klaviyo profile. 

Only Owners, Admins, Managers, and Analysts can remove SMS consent in a profile. 

Remove SMS Consent

Navigate to the Profiles tab or search by name or phone number. Click the recipient who you want to remove SMS consent for.

On the right-hand side, locate Channels. Under the phone number, click Show consent details to show additional information.


Next to Method, you’ll see how the profile opted in (e.g., via a form) followed by an Unsubscribe from SMS link highlighted in blue within parentheses. 


Click the Unsubscribe from SMS link. A modal will popup to confirm that you want to remove the profile’s SMS consent. To confirm, click Unsubscribe from SMS.


You will then see a red X next to their phone number to indicate they are no longer consented to receive SMS marketing, as shown in the example below.


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