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Learn about useful Klaviyo integrations for your ecommerce business. Klaviyo is a powerful platform where you can communicate with your customers and make data-driven marketing choices for your company. Understanding all that is capable in Klaviyo is an important first step. The more software you integrate with Klaviyo, the more data will be in your account that you can use to further target your business' marketing goals.

It's likely that you use a number of different services to manage your business. Luckily, Klaviyo integrates with many platforms, which allows you to have your data all in one place. This article will help you figure out what your business needs and which integrations you can sync with Klaviyo.

Ecommerce platform integrations

If you’re selling products, ecommerce store platforms are where you can host, sell, and make transactions. These platforms make it easy to display all of your products and manage your sales without needing coding resources upfront. Here are a few that are commonly used and integrate with Klaviyo.

  • Shopify
    Beginner-friendly, built-in payment processing, most built-in features in Klaviyo
  • WooCommerce
    Builds an ecommerce store within WordPress
  • BigCommerce
    Great for selling in multiple online marketplaces in addition to your own site
  • Magento
    For those who are code-savvy, great for building a self-hosted store on your own

Landing page integrations

Landing pages are useful if you want to direct traffic from social media, email, or an ad to a particular page.

You can use landing pages to generate insight about your customers, increase conversions, and increase brand awareness. Klaviyo integrates with the following landing page apps. 

  • Kickoff Labs and Unbounce
    One-stop-shop for landing pages
  • Typeform and Wufoo
    Great for survey taking

Payment software integrations

If your ecommerce store platform does not offer the capability to make transactions with your customers, you can use a payment software service to make processing order payments simple. Klaviyo integrates with:

  • Chargebee
  • ReCharge
  • Recurly
  • Stripe

However, it's likely that your ecommerce platform has the native ability to process payment transactions.

Other integrations

Klaviyo has many other integrations to make your businesses successful. If you find yourself in need of another integration for your business, check out this list of the integrations. If what you need is not on this list, contact customer support for help.

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