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In your Analytics tab, you can measure signup form metrics to gain insights into how your forms are performing. These metrics take into account both tracked and untracked visitors, so you can get a complete view of your forms' performance.

Available Metrics


On your dashboard, you can add a card to visualize any of the following metrics:

  • Viewed Form
    This metric is tracked whenever a visitor views a Klaviyo form.
  • Closed Form
    This metric is tracked whenever a visitor closes a Klaviyo form.
  • Submitted Form
    This metric is tracked whenever a visitor submits a Klaviyo signup form, or whenever a visitor clicks a "Go to URL" button on a Klaviyo form.
  • Form Submit Rate
    This metric tracks the rate at which people engage with your form, which is the Submitted Form metric divided by the Viewed Form metric.

You can find these metrics under the Klaviyo category when adding a card. Additionally, you can navigate to your Forms Overview tab to analyze the default forms dashboard view.


Available Filtering Options


When analyzing a particular metric, there are several ways you can group and sort your data, including:

  • form_id
    This is the name of the form.
  • device_type
    This allows you to split the data for desktop vs. mobile.
  • form_type
    Group data by popup, flyout, and embedded forms.
  • utm_source
    This is the UTM source of the URL the form is displayed on, if applicable.
  • utm_medium
    This is the UTM medium of the URL the form is displayed on, if applicable.
  • utm_campaign
    This is the UTM campaign of the URL the form is displayed on, if applicable.
  • action_type
    If someone clicks a button, whether it is a "Go to URL" or "Submit Form" event.
  • destination_url
    If someone clicks a "Go to URL" button, what URL did they click through to.
  • page_url
    The page the URL was shown on, including domain and path. This will not include any UTM parameters.


Web Crawlers (Bots) and Viewed Form Events

Search engines like Google use crawlers (bots) to visit webpages and catalog the contents of those pages. Prior to September 12, 2019, Klaviyo treated these instances as Viewed Form events, which inflated this number, but didn't affect the number of Submitted Form events. Hence, the Form Submit Rate (the ratio of Submitted Form events over Viewed Form events) for some customers was underreported.

On September 12, 2019, we released a change to filter out web crawlers and more accurately report your engagement metrics. As a result, you may notice a decrease in the number of Viewed Form events in your account, accompanied by a higher Form Submit Rate.

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