Setting Up Dedicated Click Tracking

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Setting up dedicated click tracking requires adding additional CNAME records to your DNS settings with your hosting provider. We provide the records below, which you copy/paste into your DNS provider.

Then add the following 2 CNAME records to set up your dedicated click tracking domain:

Type Hostname Value
CNAME 161779

Depending on your DNS provider, the name of the Hostname and Value fields in the example above may differ. Check out our links below to the documentation for some popular DNS providers if you're having trouble.

After you've updated your DNS records, you still need to reach out to Klaviyo support in order for us to validate and activate your records. Please contact us if you are updating your records.

Tips for Where to Update Your DNS Records

You can update your DNS records wherever you registered or manage your domain names.

Not all domain registration services will allow you to edit all DNS records; if you cannot update the records below, contact your DNS provider for information on how to update these records.

The process of editing your DNS records will depend on what domain provider you are using. We've compiled links to documentation for some common providers here:

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