Klaviyo and Google Analytics Tracking



When creating a campaign or a flow, you can have Klaviyo automatically add tracking variables to links so you can see the results in Google Analytics.

Add Google Analytics Tracking to a Flow Email

You can turn on Google Analytics tracking for an individual flow email by clicking to edit the email, clicking into the settings, and toggling UTM TRACKING on.


Here's how links will be tagged:

  • utm_medium: email
  • utm_source: flow_name
  • utm_campaign: flow_email_name (flow_email_id)

Add Google Analytics Tracking to a Campaign

When creating a campaign in Klaviyo, you can check the Add Google Analytics tracking to links box to have Klaviyo automatically add UTM parameters to all links in your email.


Here's how links will be tagged:

  • utm_medium: email
  • utm_source: list_or_segment_name
  • utm_campaign: campaign_name (campaign_id)

Comparing Klaviyo Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics

Because Google Analytics uses pixel tracking and Klaviyo uses data directly from your database, it's likely the analytics between both services won't align. In general, Klaviyo is much more accurate than Google Analytics.

Here are a few common scenarios where Google Analytics and other pixel-based tracking systems will not record a conversion:

  • A subscriber receives an email, reads it, does not click on a link, but goes to your store and makes a purchase. Google Analytics doesn't know they read your email, but Klaviyo does.
  • A subscriber receives an email, reads it, clicks on a link from their phone. They wait until later to complete their purchase and they complete the purchase from their laptop instead of their phone. In this case, Google Analytics does not record a conversion because they read and click the email on their phone, but not on their laptop. Klaviyo does see the conversion by stitching together the customer's activity and noticing which email they read before making their purchase.

Because of this fundamental difference, we recommend deferring to Klaviyo's conversion analytics.

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