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The following guide will walk through how to integrate your Constant Contact account with Klaviyo. Klaviyo's Constant Contact  integration is mainly designed to help people as they move from Constant Contact to Klaviyo. We don't recommend using both platforms at once other than during the interim period as you make the switch.

We also have a general checklist that covers how to completely migrate over to Klaviyo from a different Email Service Provider (ESP) here.

From Constant Contact, Klaviyo pulls in:

  • When someone received, opened or clicked a particular email
  • A list of emails who have unsubscribed or bounced
  • Optional: Existing Lists in Constant Contact; you can choose to create Klaviyo lists from Constant Contact lists
Note: If you delete people in Constant Contact, it doesn't delete people in Klaviyo. Additionally, if people get added to a Constant Contact list, they'll be added to Klaviyo within an hour.

Enable the Constant Contact Integration

Click on the Integrations tab in the left sidebar of your account.

Navigate to the All Integrations tab and find Constant Contact on the list of available integrations. All integrations are in alphabetical order so you'll find Constant Contact near the top of the page.

Next, click Add Integration next to the Constant Contact icon. You will be taken to a Settings window where you need to click Connect to Constant Contact.
Upon clicking Connect to Constant Contact, you will be brought to Constant Contact to login and connect (authenticate) with Klaviyo. 647707

Once you've done that, you'll be brought back to the Integrations page when you can adjust Advanced Settings. At this point, your integration should be enabled and syncing should begin within a few minutes!

Monitor the Klaviyo Sync

Once you've connected Klaviyo with Constant Contact, data will start syncing over within a minute or two. If you navigate to the Metrics tab in your Klaviyo account, you should see a several metrics for Constant Contact data (received email, opened email, and clicked email) each with a Constant Contact icon next to it.
647708Once your sync is complete, you'll see Constant Contact on your Enabled Integrations list with a green border.

Frequency of the Klaviyo Sync

Klaviyo will run an initial sync of all historical data as soon as you click Update Constant Contact Settings. Moving forward, however, Klaviyo will sync data on an ongoing basis once an hour.

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