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This article will walk you through integrating BigCommerce with Klaviyo. After setting up this integration, you'll be able to personalize and target emails based on customer behavior and website activity.

Here's some of the data we sync from BigCommerce:

  • Sales and order data including which products were purchased, product images, price, and quantity
  • Customer information including first and last name, location, and how they found your store
  • Fulfillment, refunded, and cancelled order data
  • When people visit your website and what products and collections they view

Find your Store's API Path, Username, and API Token

To find your store's API Path, Username, and API token:

  1. Log into your store
  2. Click Advanced Settings
  3. Select Legacy API Settings
  4. Click Create a Legacy API Account680367
  5. Enter a preferred username (recommended: "klaviyo"), copy the API Path and API Token, then click Save680368

Next, you'll need to enter this Username, API Path, and API Token information into your Klaviyo account's BigCommerce integration settings.

Add the BigCommerce Integration

Navigate to your account's Integrations tab.

The All Integrations list here will include all available integrations in alphabetical order. Find BigCommerce on this list and click Add Integration.


You will be brought to a page that should look like this:bigCommInteg.png

Add your API Path, Username, and API token. The checkbox allows you to add users that opt-in during the checkout process to a list in Klaviyo. Click Connect to BigCommerce to being the integration.

Monitor the Klaviyo Sync

To check your integration navigate to your account's Metrics tab.

Click on the Placed Order metric - you should see a small BigCommerce logo next to it. Navigate to the Activity Feed here and check that there is data populated in the feed. If there is, you're all set!647759

Your BigCommerce integration will appear with a green border in your Enabled Integrations tab once the historical sync is complete.

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