Create a Segment of VIP Customers



Creating a segment of our VIP customers can be useful if you are running a rewards program or would like to know who your most valuable customers are. There are two primary approaches you can take when deciding who your VIP customers are:

  1. Customers who have spent over X amount of money over Y amount of time
  2. Customers who have purchased X number of products over Y amount of time

It is important to include a time restriction when defining a VIP segment because, otherwise, you can capture inactive customers or customers who have simply been purchasing from you for a while (who aren't necessarily VIPs).

Segment Conditions

Big Spenders

Note that you will not see Revenue appear as an option in the segment builder if no one has placed and order in your store. This can occur if you are just opening a new store and starting out with Klaviyo.


Frequent Purchasers


Options for Further Targeting

After you've created a segment of VIP customers, you'll know who your most valuable customers are and can choose to market to them differently.

One great trick is to sync your segment of VIP customers with a Facebook Custom Audience, then build a lookalike audience from there. This will allow you to advertise to new people who are similar to your best customers.

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