How to Preview and Send Test Emails in Klaviyo

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Learn about all the ways to preview and test emails in Klaviyo, so you can be confident in how your email will appear in each recipient’s inbox. After you design a new email, there are several ways to preview and test how your email will look when sent live:

  • Preview in Klaviyo
  • Send a preview email
  • Send a live campaign to a preview list
  • Test your email with a third-party tool

Keep in mind, the options available when previewing will depend on whether your email was created as an email template, a flow email, or a campaign.

If you are interested in previewing how your email will render across different email clients and devices, skip to "Testing with a Third-Party Tool" section.

Previewing in Klaviyo vs. Sending a Preview Email

When you are editing the content for an email, you will always see a Preview button on the left-hand side.

A cursor hovers over the Preview button in the Klaviyo email editor


When you click this Preview button, a new window will pop up. This window will feature two different previewing options:

  • If you select Show directly in Klaviyo, and click Preview Now, you'll see a preview window featuring your email
  • If you select Send as an email, and click Preview Now, a preview email will be sent to the email address you specified

Sending a preview email will allow you to test how an email will render when viewed in your own email client. Keep in mind, however, that links (such as manage preferences links) will not render as live links in a preview email. Klaviyo will also not apply Google Analytics tracking variables or click tracking to links in a preview email. 

You send previews to multiple email addresses by separating the addresses with a comma. 

Preview Email Limits

Email preview limits are applied per account relative to your email billing plan. Free plans may send 100 preview emails per billing cycle. Paid plan preview limits vary based on the total number of profiles covered by your plan. 

Plan size Preview email limit (per billing cycle)
Up to 5,000 profiles 1,000 preview emails
5,001 - 45,000 profiles 2,500 preview emails
45,000 - 1,000,000 profiles 10,000 preview emails
1,000,001+ profiles 25,000 preview emails

To see your current billing plan, navigate to Account > Billing > Email Plans

Sending a Live Campaign to a Preview List

When you send a preview email as described above, dynamic links will not render as live links. Klaviyo will also not apply Google Analytics tracking variables or click tracking to links in a preview email. If you are interested in testing how these links will appear and function in your email, we recommend sending a live test email.

The first step is to create a new list titled "Preview List" and Quick Add yourself or members of your team.

A user uses the Quick Add button in their preview list to add a new profile

Next, ensure your new email is saved as a template, if you did not design your email directly in the Email Templates tab.

Once you have confirmed your email is saved as a template and your preview list is ready, create a new campaign. Set the campaign up to send to your preview list and, when prompted to edit the content, choose your previously made template by navigating to Use Template > Choose Template from Library. A pop-up window will appear. Navigate to the Your Templates tab and you should be able to find and select your saved template.

The final step is clicking Send. The email you receive will contain live links, and will provide an accurate preview of what your contacts will see when they receive the same message.

Previewing Dynamic Content

When you build an email template in your Email Templates tab, you will also not be able to easily preview an email with any dynamic content. This means it won't be possible to test any personalization or event variables.

If you would like to preview an email with variables and dynamic content, you must preview the email after it is placed within a flow or a campaign. Use the above or below steps to send a test email to yourself to ensure your dynamic content is populating as expected. 

Previewing a Flow Message

When you preview an event-based flow message, you will be prompted to choose a recent event to preview with. Here, you will be able to scroll and choose from the 10 most recent events that match the flow's trigger.

In the preview modal for a metric-triggered flow email, the right and left buttons are highlighted indicating that different preview events can be selected

When you preview your message, all variables will populate with data pulled from the selected preview event.

If your flow is triggered by a list, however, you will be able to view the message as a specific recipient will see it. If you have personalization variables in your message (such as first and last name), these variables will populate in your preview.

In a campaign’s preview modal, the profile search field is highlighted
Want to learn more? Explore our full guide to testing and previewing flow messages.

Previewing a Campaign Email

It isn't possible to include event variables in a campaign email, but if you have added any personalization variables, you'll be able to preview them in Klaviyo or in a preview email. When you click Preview, a window will appear where you can choose a preview that a specific person would receive. This will allow you to preview the email from the perspective of individuals on your campaign's send list.

Testing with a Third-Party Tool

If you are concerned about how your email design will render across different email clients and devices, using a third-party email testing tool can help.

We recommend exploring the use of a tool like Litmus, which offers a free trial as well as monthly paid plans. You can also search for free alternatives that allow you to test and preview how your emails will look when viewed by recipients using different email clients and devices.

While it isn't always possible to optimize an email design for all email clients and devices, understanding the differences in how emails render can be useful as you test different variations.

Mobile optimization relies on media queries, which are fully supported by Apple Mail for Andriod and iOS and Samsung Email for Android, and partially supported by Gmail for iOS and Android and other mobile email apps. Learn more about support for media queries.

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